About Remodeling

Remodeling is a re-investment in your property, neighborhood and community. We and our clients feel tremendous satisfaction in being a part of the process that revitalizes historic areas and improves aging structures.

There are challenges inherent to remodeling that distinguish it from new construction. Some of our projects are simple upgrading of the interior finishes for a fresh look.  Others are complex and may require gutting a structure down to the framing. Surprises demand changes and adjustments to the best laid plans -- we know that every home remodeling project is unique; so is every home remodeling budget. Because of the diverse talents of the B & S Construction team, we can help clients adhere to their budgets and stay on track.

Because energy costs are rising, energy-efficiency is a worthwhile investment. We integrate energy-efficient products with green techniques and practices to maximize future savings and comfort:

energy-efficient windows & doors insulation replacement & maximization innovative recycled materials
Energy Star appliances water-saving faucets & fixtures tankless water heaters recycled wood and glass products moisture barriers & mold prevention infloor heating


These efforts can achieve remarkable results.  Be sure to check out our "Recent Projects" pages here on our site.