Historic Home Remodel

We were thrilled at the opportunity to work on one of Silver City's most historic houses. The original portion of the house was built in 1890 as a cottage for George Hinman. Home to the E.A. Layne family for 73 years, it is referred to historically as the Hinman/Layne house. The current homeowners purchased the home in 1985 and took great interest in preserving its legacy and structure. They decided to update this historical home and undertook extensive renovation and restoration while adding on more than 1000 square feet of new kitchen, laundry room, powder room, master bedroom and bath. The work in the older portion included new electrical and plumbing, installation of energy efficient windows, redesign of the original fireplace, floor refinishing, wall repair, new wall paper and painting, a new roof and exterior repainting.

An older adobe home presents many challenges when integrating an addition to an existing structure. The owners wanted to maintain the historic feel of the house and gain valuable modern conveniences. Some of the design elements we used to achieve these goals were:
  Maintaining the same tall ceiling heights throughout
  Similar window sizes as the old portion
  Continuation of oak flooring in the new master bedroom, hallway and powder room
  Baseboards and window trim to match the original
  Custom handmade tile from a local manufacturer, SYZYGY Tileworks, in the kitchen and around the fireplace reflect the historic feeling