Contemporary Upgrade

This house is located adjacent to the campus of Western New Mexico University. Built entirely of brick it had never been altered since its completion in the 50's. Although the feel of the house was quite dated, the overall integrity of the structure was impeccable. There was an abundance of quality built-in cabinetry which we didn't want to waste. As the floorplan developed we removed and relocated some of it to accommodate the new layout. The house now has a clean, open feel while still reflecting its history. 

The new owner wanted to give the interior an Asian-inspired look while preserving some of the original finishes like the wood flooring and matching trim. Some of the design elements we used to achieve this goal were:
  Energy efficient windows that are the same size as the original windows
  Open kitchen with simple maple cabinetry carried to the ceiling
  Solid surface countertops that mimic recycled glass
  Shoji-style interior doors that reveal or hide the bedroom from the living room
  Carpet was replaced with cork flooring similar to flooring from the 50's
  Contemporary European bath fixtures